Cascade Peak Spirits - Please kill my complaint

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I just sent you a complaint about a problem I have with a bottle of Cascade Peak Spirits gin. I just got a call from the company; they've offered to replace it and explained the genesis of the problem.

If possible, please remove my complaint from you site. Thanks. I am now completely satisfied and regretful that I sent the complaint.

The people at Cascade Spirits have gone out of their way to resolve the issue and offered a full explanation of why the problem about which I complained occurred in the first place. I should have allowed more time for a response.

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I am sorry that JohnnyB had to report an issue before giving us a Chance to solve it. Of course, we would solve it to the best of our ability, as we are a SMALL Business and know the value of each consumer.

And as SMALL Business, we aren't available as quickly as an immediate response as we are working too hard to get to everything Right Now!

And we did call JohnnyB as soon as possible and made the effort to educate him about the volatility of Gin spirits and offer him a replacement bottle. I am thankful that he did take the time to resubmit that we did do the right thing!

Cascade Peak Spirits - Sold defective product; no response to complaint.

Not resolved

I bought a bought a bottle of gin produced by Cascade Peak Spirits. The stopper was defective and disintegrated, allowing the gin to cascade out of the bottle into the trunk of my car, where the gin was being transported.

I emailed and called the company to request a replacement bottle and to suggest that the company review its packing process and supplier of bottle stoppers.

I have heard nothing from the company since my calls and emails. My concern is that other buyers may experience the same problem or that the gin may become contaminated due to incompletely sealed product.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Aug 15, 2009.

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